Rosenborg Castle

This beautiful castle rises in the landscape of the heart of Copenhagen in the King’s Garden. The castle was built by the King Christian IV in the early 17th century. It first was finished in 1606 but finally found its form how it is today in 1624. The architects behind this Dutch Renaissance style castle[…]


Møns Klint – The Cliffs of Møn

Couple of hours from Copenhagen you are able to experience a day in the picturesque surroundings by walking or by bike. You might even stay overnight to enjoy the area for two days. Here where the cliffs fall all the way 120 m to the sea below and one of the hills in the nature[…]


Roskilde Cathedral

Roskilde Cathedral the main burial place for the royals in Denmark from 1413. It is situated in the island of Zeeland only 30 kilometres away from Copenhagen. This beautiful gothic and romanesque style cathedral was build 12th and 13th centuries but it has been altered several times during the centuries to accommodate the royal burial[…]


City Tour

The city tour can be carried out by walking or by bus. During this tour we will take a look at the most known attractions in Copenhagen as the central station, which is know from its architecture, City Hall Square, Tivoli Gardens (from outside, but you can add a visit inside the Tivoli Gardens as[…]