Møns Klint – The Cliffs of Møn

Couple of hours from Copenhagen you are able to experience a day in the picturesque surroundings by walking or by bike. You might even stay overnight to enjoy the area for two days. Here where the cliffs fall all the way 120 m to the sea below and one of the hills in the nature park reaches up to 143 m you are able to say that you have reached one of the highest points in Denmark. You can also visit the GeoCenter Møns Klint to learn more about the geological prehistory of Denmark (the museum is more directed to children.

The cliffs were formed by the great pressure of the glaciers during the ice age that pushed the terrain upwards forming hills and folds. When the ice melted finally approximately 11000 years ago the cliffs emerged. The cliffs form part of the same deposits as on the opposite side of the Baltic Sea the cliffs of Rügen in Germany. The erosion continues and you are able to find many different shellfish fossils in the chalk. Due to the special chalky soil the area has many rare plants, birds and butterflies. There are few points on the cliffs where there has been built staircases which enables you to go down all the way to the beach and see the cliffs from below.