Roskilde Cathedral

Roskilde Cathedral the main burial place for the royals in Denmark from 1413. It is situated in the island of Zeeland only 30 kilometres away from Copenhagen. This beautiful gothic and romanesque style cathedral was build 12th and 13th centuries but it has been altered several times during the centuries to accommodate the royal burial chapels. The Cathedral was inscribed 1995 to the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Roskilde became the capital of Denmark around 960 when the King Harald Bluetooth united Norway and Denmark. He saw that the king should be situated more centrally and decided to move to Roskilde from Jelling, which is located in Jutland in Vejle municipality in the region of Southern Denmark. He build the first church on the location that was then replaced by many others until this Cathedral was build. The cathedral was the first of gothic style in Scandinavia. It contains the best reserved medieval frescos within whole of Denmark. It holds the world record on most royal graves with 39 buried kings and queens within the cathedral. Today the cathedral belongs to the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark.

The length of the building is 86 meters, its width is 27 meters and it reaches with the spires all the way up to 75.7 meters. When you come to the city of Roskilde you will see the spires already from far and the cathedral holds your eye where ever you go in the city.