Stevns Klint – Stevns Cliffs

Stevns municipality is located approximately 70 km from Copenhagen. This UNESCO World Heritage site is also listed for its unique culture and nature so you can just imagine how the scenery from land or from the sea is breathtaking. The long beaches and the little farmer shops creates cosy little village holiday feeling.

When you look at the cliffs you can find the final proof of the asteroid impact to the earth 66 million years ago, which extinct dinosaurs and approximately half of all the living organisms in the world. You can see clear black fish clay layer in the cliff where you can even today find fossils on. You can take a tour next to the cliffs and try to find your own fossils to take home with you.

The endless coastline offers superb setting for all kinds of water sports like surfing, scuba diving, water skiing, sailing or you can just take a day on the beach to relax and enjoy the view. At Stevns you can also visit the cold war museum, which has been one of the most well kept secrets in Denmark until year 2000 when the fortress was closet and turned into museum, which opened its doors for public in 2008. Today you can visit the fortress and walk in the underground tunnels that are 18 meters below the ground and in total 1,7 km long. Keeping this place a secret was not so challenging since the entire fortress is build underground. There is only a small house on top of the fortress that reminds you of any Danish farm house in the area.

Stevns has always been popular area among artists just like the Riviera in Southern-Europe. The light and the surrounding nature have been an endless inspiration for artists throughout the times. The amazing municipality of Stevns offers travellers excitement and enjoyment.